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Purpose of Media Center

Purpose of  Media Center
Media Center
      Deborah Vann -Teacher-Librarian
 Miss Angelica McWhorter –Library Media Assistant
Direct Line: 678-874-0620
Main Office Phone: 678-874-0503
Office Fax: 678-874-0610
Canby Lane Media Center Hours
  7:30am-2:15pm M-F

The media center is a powerful intellectual and social space where students and teachers gather ideas, exchange points of view, and learn together. The library program supports a culture of literacy throughout the school community.

Expectations for Student Conduct in the Canby Lane Media Center

Please walk in silently.

Please return books in the drop books bin.

Please walk to your table and sit down quietly.

Please remain in your seat for further instructions.



Please Note: Students are expected to behave respectfully in media center. Respect for others, respect for materials and self- control are important behavior traits for everyone. No materials are to leave the Media Center without being checked out at the circulation desk. Failure to observe appropriate behavior will result in suitable loss of privileges.

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